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Disclaimers for GyenJagat

All information presented on this website (https://gyenjagat.com/) is published in good faith and intended for general informational purposes only. GyenJagat makes no warranties regarding the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of the information provided. Users are urged to exercise their discretion and take any action based on the information found on this website strictly at their own risk. GyenJagat will not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of our website.

External Links Disclaimer

While we strive to offer quality links to valuable and ethical external websites, it’s important to recognize that we have no control over the content and nature of these sites. The inclusion of hyperlinks to other websites does not imply a blanket endorsement of all content found on these sites. Site ownership and content may change without notice, potentially before we have the opportunity to remove a link that may no longer be appropriate or valid.

Users should be aware that when they navigate away from our website through external links, they enter a realm where privacy policies and terms may differ and are beyond our control. It is advisable to review the Privacy Policies and “Terms of Service” of these external sites before engaging in any business or uploading any information.


By utilizing our website, users acknowledge and consent to our disclaimer, agreeing to abide by its terms. This is a fundamental aspect of user engagement and interaction with the content provided on GyenJagat.com.


As part of our commitment to transparency, should there be any updates, amendments, or changes to this disclaimer, users can expect these modifications to be prominently posted on our website. Regularly reviewing the disclaimer is encouraged to stay informed about any alterations that may affect the terms and conditions associated with using GyenJagat.com.

In-depth Analysis of the Disclaimer
1. Introduction:
  • Welcoming users to the Disclaimer and providing contact information for inquiries.
  • Transparency regarding the use of a disclaimer generator for assistance in creating the document.
2. Disclaimers for GyenJagat:
  • Clearly stating the purpose of the website’s information and emphasizing the absence of warranties.
  • Encouraging users to exercise their discretion when using information from the website.
  • Disclaimer of liability to protect the website from potential legal claims arising from user actions.
3. External Links Disclaimer:
  • Acknowledging the inclusion of external links on the website.
  • Clarifying the absence of a blanket endorsement for all content on linked external sites.
  • Highlighting the dynamic nature of external websites, with content and ownership subject to change.
4. Consent:
  • Emphasizing the user’s acknowledgment and agreement to abide by the terms of the disclaimer.
  • Underlining the importance of user consent in the context of website usage.
5. Update:
  • Demonstrating a commitment to transparency by notifying users of any updates, amendments, or changes to the disclaimer.
  • Encouraging users to stay informed by regularly reviewing the disclaimer.

This comprehensive Disclaimer for GyenJagat.com serves as a vital communication tool to establish transparency and clarity in the relationship between the website and its users. Users are encouraged to read and understand the disclaimer, recognizing its role in outlining the terms and conditions associated with using GyenJagat.com. The commitment to providing updated information ensures that users are well-informed about any changes that may impact their interaction with the website.